“The Millennial Crisis”

A fantastic look at the Millennial problem in churches. Good read.

Rogue Millennials

Our blog hopes to help congregations address what we call “the Millennial Crisis.” Many congregations have their head in the sand when it comes to the looming problems churches will face if Millennials stay away – and every indication is that attitudes toward church are growing more negative, not less.bf42d191adbdd5606d0cbb0871ec29c5

A little history. Churches have traditionally ignored the “young adult” demographic. The ages 18-21 bring a lot of problems as they “find themselves” and explore the world that opens up after gaining freedom from mom and dad’s constant influence. Increasing exposure in college, media, travel and the workplace to the sheer quantity of alternative lifestyles and faiths leads to a tumultuous period in life. Young adults have few roots, so churches question investing in people who likely won’t stay around long enough for investments to bring a return. Young adults lack a stable income, so you can bet they won’t…

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