The Virtue of Doubt

Rogue Millennials


Doubt – that blacklisted church word! Like it’s an infection that could spread through a congregation and compromise all Bodily functions. If you grew up in churches, you’ve learned instinctively not to share doubts. Pretend you have it all together, pretend it all makes sense, you can ask occasional questions but definitely don’t bring up the “hard” ones – how does evolution fit in, do we have free will, why is there pain in the world, how do we know any of this is true?

Churches cultivate doubt-averse cultures. If you have questions, don’t address them in church. Ask your pastor later so you don’t infect others. Or better, attend that class just for people who struggle with faith. We won’t call it a “recovery group” or anything, but let’s be honest – the subtext is clear. Something is broken if you doubt. I mean, really. “You of little faith,”…

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