Room for Doubt

–Daniel S. Ferguson

First of all, I promise more stories and interviews are coming soon. They’re still being gathered and edited. But moving on.

Today’s article is short not because I’m out of time or anything, but because this topic really doesn’t need that much explanation. It’s the short-but-life-changing kind of post.

I get a lot of questions, from those both inside and outside the church, about whether or not a Christian can still doubt, or what level of faith a person needs to be a Christian. My answer comes from one of the most overlooked verses in the Bible.

“When they saw [Jesus resurrected], they worshiped him; but some doubted.” (Matthew 28:17, NIV).

I rest my entire faith premise on that verse. These guys saw Jesus in resurrected form, straight from the grave, with the nail marks still in his wrists and feet, with the spear wound still in his side, with the thorns scratches still on his face. But they both worshiped Jesus and doubted him.

I said this verse was overlooked a lot. It is. It’s not from some obscure part of the Bible. It’s overlooked because it’s right before the Great Commission, which is the next three verses. That’s where Jesus puts the apostles on mission to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This is when Jesus creates the church.

The reason I find that important is because there’s no break between verses 17 and 18. It’s not like there were some who doubted, but Jesus took the ones who believed aside and commissioned them separately as the church. He commissioned those who believed entirely and those who still doubted all the same.

That’s the room for doubt. That’s why I know I can still be saved. That’s why I know I’m still part of the church, no matter what. The same is true for you

Your doubt is not rejected by Jesus. It’s called by Jesus. Your doubt is not separate from the church. It is the church. (Click to Tweet)

If you’re ever told that your doubt isn’t welcome at church, shove this verse in that person’s face. Politely.


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