Plurality: Accepting More Than One View on Doctrine.

An interesting read as to why Millennials often feel excluded from church. #whychurch2017

Rogue Millennials

A major problem millennials have with today’s church is the way the messages are preached. It seems that if we aren’t in the middle of the “devotional book of the month” that you can’t miss a single Sunday of or else you’re thrown off for the next three, then we’re getting the generalized “life lesson.” A message on one of those clichés that has little to no meat to it. Or, we’re getting a message on doctrine, and how you have to agree with a certain interpretation of this passage, or believe that such and such is a key essential to Christianity and to disagree or see it differently is heretical and there’s no way you can be saved and believe differently. One thing millennials hate is being told exactly what to believe or how to believe it.

Now there are absolutely some essentials to Christianity, and to choose not…

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