Comments, Comments

–Daniel S. Ferguson

This is just a smattering of some of the comments Holly and I got just in the first 24 hours since we published our first post, An Old Friend Who Is Now a New Friend.

“You put into perfect words what I’ve been experiencing and now I don’t have to feel like I’m the only person who thinks these things.”

“I’m waiting to find a place where I feel my own vulnerable heart and expression and like-mindedness can be found and received.”

“Let me know if you really want to try to get a community going eventually [in my area].”

“Some of what you have said recently speaks to an internal struggle I’ve had for years. Never feeling really comfortable in a church, but at the same time, in desperate need of the community it offers.”

“My hope is that anyone else who might be struggling with their faith and/or faith-based community will know this: you are not alone.”

Indeed not.

Most of the comments were on Holly’s Facebook page, where her expression was met with surprising solidarity and comfort. She didn’t receive (from what I could see) even one disparaging comment or reaction.

And of the dozens of comments I got, neither did I. That surprised me. I suppose that will happen in time (I mean look at what’s happened to Andy Stanley), but it’s good to know that the initial response doesn’t even have any trolls in it. That’s saying something for the internet.


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